Marketing Audits

Why do a Marketing Audit?

Anytime you hear the word audit, you get gut  rot. Who wants to find out their marketing investment wasn’t optimized to bring in the best return? Often times. there are many people involved in marketing campaigns and quality control falls off the radar. An audit that transcends into the trenches of quality control is where a business can “reset” and get back on track to reaching their goals.

Examples of findings during marketing audits

Inflated costs from vendors.

Poor Quality Scores forcing higher CPC (cost-per-click) in Google AdWords.

Digital campaign targeting the right city, but in the wrong country.

Campaigns being optimized toward clicks vs conversions in a lead generation campaign.

Broken contact forms.

Illegible form confirmation pages.

Broken email loyalty program.

Wrong Google Analytics code put on a site.

Personal profiles being used for business pages. (Should always be a business page.)

YouTube page not optimized for SEO.