Should You Invest in Paid Search?

Should You Invest in Paid Search? The short answer? Probably. While few marketing tools truly fit all businesses, paid search advertising comes close. Why? Because it allows sellers to meet buyers at the exact moment they intend to buy. When used strategically,...

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Maintaining Local SEO with Multiple Locations

Maintaining Local SEO with Multiple Locations   Maintaining local SEO may be difficult for multi-location businesses. Small inconsistencies, website bugs, or lack of a location page can diminish your local SEO score. That being said, there are some tips while...

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How to set up Facebook Retargeting

Facebook Retargeting Set-up Facebook retargeting can be used in many different ways, depending on your objective. For example, you may want to target all visitors to your website, or only to those who did not sign up for your newsletter or make a purchase. Retargeting...

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Five Benefits of Working with OpGo

OpGo was founded to help marketers suffering from “decision fatigue”. Decision fatigue occurs when all your mental energy is used up—with over 2,000 marketing technology channels, this fatigue can be a frequent occurrence with marketers. Overwhelmed marketers are...

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3 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

A brand’s entire existence is dependent upon communication. It’s easy to take this for granted since we use communication in all aspects of life, but effective communication is critical in marketing. It’s more than someone not getting a job because of spelling errors...

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Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Social media platforms Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Vine are a few key players in the vertical video revolution. Contradictory to common belief that quality video must be shot and consumed on a horizontal medium, social media giants are disrupting the game....

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Google Search Console & Link Building

It’s time for business owners to take the time to understand Google ranking. What is Google Webmaster? It’s another free tool many business owners know nothing about that can really help them gain visibility of what’s happening with their website. Why should you care?...

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How to Choose a Marketing Channel

When choosing a marketing channel, it is easy to get stuck in a pattern of doing something the way it’s always been done. All the choices are paralyzing–aand new ones keep popping up. Internet globalization continues to put competition is right outside your...

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