About OpGo

Tiffanie Honeyman

Tiffanie Honeyman

Founder / CEO

I worked in marketing agencies for ten years prior to starting OpGo,, but prior to that I worked in accounting (for a law firm and accounting firm), learning about cash flow, productivity, and accountability. When I moved into the marketing arena, I did projections for the agency in addition to production management. Eventually, I worked directly with business owners in an account management role and realized what businesses really need are marketing advocates…. marketers who really care about the bottom line for the business. There are a lot of “shiny objects” in marketing that create wow factors, but many of them don’t move the needle, they just look cool.

Being an analytical “nerd” by nature, I decided to create OpGo (OpGo = Operational Goals). Our team focuses on PROVING the marketing by measuring it. And instead of shying away from the tough marketing questions, we walk right into them and deliver reality.

Tiffanie Honeyman

Shayla Perkerewicz

Associate Consultant

(Coming soon.)

Tiffanie Honeyman

Tanner Bechtold


Tanner Bechtold is a sophomore at North Dakota State who is majoring in marketing. He enjoys working and has a passion for what he does. Outside of marketing, Tanner enjoys spending time at the lake, time with friends and family, and being an avid sports fan. He is originally from Sartell, Minnesota and graduated from Sartell High School in 2015. Since then, he has been through a couple of majors including computer science and sport management, but finally found his calling to marketing.