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 What We Do

We work with businesses to help them set and reach marketing goals. We review the existing marketing plan to see the value it brings from an ROI perspective. We research the industry, your competitors, your customers, and marketing trends. We support your marketing team from the “numbers” side of things.


Our experts provide insight into optimizing at the channel level. We understand the technical aspects of both traditional media and online marketing.

Other Services

We do other services like buying media (TV, radio, print, outdoor, and online), PPC/SEM and SEO analysis.

 Why We Do It

There are too many marketing channels and not enough time. It’s not cost effective to hire an internal team needed to make decisions on which channels to use, how much to spend, and how to monitor performance. OpGo provides expert analysis needed to for managing marketing campaigns and optimizing toward ROI, so businesses can focus on their next move. In the end, we want to give you clarity and control of your marketing investment.

Five Benefits of Working with OpGo

OpGo was founded to help marketers suffering from “decision fatigue”. Decision fatigue occurs when all your mental energy is used up—with over 2,000 marketing technology channels, this fatigue can be a frequent occurrence with marketers. Overwhelmed marketers are...

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3 Tips for Effective Marketing Communication

A brand’s entire existence is dependent upon communication. It’s easy to take this for granted since we use communication in all aspects of life, but effective communication is critical in marketing. It’s more than someone not getting a job because of spelling errors...

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Vertical Video is Here to Stay

Social media platforms Snapchat, Periscope, Meerkat, and Vine are a few key players in the vertical video revolution. Contradictory to common belief that quality video must be shot and consumed on a horizontal medium, social media giants are disrupting the game....

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